Alpha Trade has been founded by three key partners all of whom have complementary skill sets and a stake in the business. Alongside the core team we have built a strong team of technologists, support and relationship managers. Everyone in the business shares in its success. Why have we set it up this way. So everyone is working towards a common goal and to eliminate conflicts of interest. If the business succeeds they succeed.

Three key founding partners were approached by an established “player” in the private equity market as we were all known by reputation to be trustworthy to set up a clean and successful agency broker-dealer and everyone agreed there was a gap in the market which can co-exist with other market makers to complement the market place.

We were tasked to set out on a simple but almost impossible goal. Create a liquidity provider structure that could satisfy the liquidity requirements of every client they had ever met and failed to keep!

This lead to long tales of horror stories and nightmares and failures alongside many successes. We compartmentalised the market into a variety of players which for various reasons at previous firms’ we simple could not support certain of those players.

Three days of brain storming and we had worked out how to create liquidity pools which would satisfy every difficult or challenging client and not disrupt any liquidity provider relationship. After a long examination of the market place and catching up with various CEO’s or owners of what we believe are the “fair players” in the market but who are also suitably flexible having access to interesting pockets of liquidity alongside all the usual players.


We have established a set of relationships, technology and our primary goal is to offer clean, transparent pricing to clients first and foremost. But also have to have the capacity to have to create bespoke pools of liquidity to satisfy the “whales”, the EFP bandits and ultra HFT guys whilst maintaining a harmonious relationships with our multitude of liquidity providers.

We are comprised of lawyers, accountants, investment bankers, broker-dealers and hedgees and we set ourself this one simple goal.

Please try us out!

Alpha Trade Pty Ltd is duly incorporated in Australia with an Australian Financial Services License servicing solely Wholesale customers. Our sole website is www.alphatrade.com.au. We have been made aware of a Crypto Platform utilising the domain www.alphatrade.ltd. This company/website or people have no connection whatsoever to Alpha Trade Pty Ltd and we would suggest extreme precaution when investing in unregulated firms with minimal company or regulatory information provided on their website. Please be safe out there! Thanks.