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Alpha Trades Principals have been involved in the financial markets from the inception of Electronic Trading both on the buy and sell side of most type of financial institution. The Team at Alpha have serviced literally every form of entity from retail traders up to the largest sovereign wealth funds over the years.

Our goal, or “WHAT” we offer is simple unadulterated liquidity across an array of asset classes from vanilla rolling spot forex to digital assets. All our pricing sources are deemed to be the best liquidity provider in their field and we offer an aggregated a blend of liquidity in FX, Metals, CFD’s Across multiple asset classes with a depth of liquidity which you will struggle to find any other liquidity provider including the likes of JPMorgan and other Investment Banks.

We have no typical client however our standard set up is to analyse a clients needs, establish the perfect pool of liquidity for their needs and connect to them via their preferred connection method. We primarily utilise One Zero for our connectivity however can connect to a multitude of other adaptors or bridge adaptors.

Alongside deploying best in class technology we have a team which performs analysis on liquidity provider analytics not only including pricing we assess latency, fill ratio, price versus depth of market, financial stability of the institution we are dealing with and their reputation within the market.

Every three months the Board will review the quality of our liquidity providers, not just based on pricing which is meaningless if you never get filled at the quoted  price, but on the full front to back execution experience.

Quarterly the Board will have a Board Meeting specifically to determine whether to re-shuffle the deck of liquidity providers both based on their performance versus the competitors but also versus our changing client needs. We have yet to find client that we would turn down purely based on their liquidity requirements and service some of the most aggressive gold traders, high frequency traders and just plain “whales” ie huge clients and have accommodated all of them via open dialogue and matching up their needs to the liquidity we have access to.

All client orders are routed through our aggregation engine where all our liquidity sources compete for your business on an equal basis. We have no preferential arrangements with any of our liquidity providers for order matching unless we agree a bespoke solution with you, our client, in advance as certain clients are better suited to having bespoke pools created for them.

Our revenue model is simple! We charge clients USD per million traded commission and make sure this is higher than what we are charged.

We do have access to some of the worlds largest hedge funds so on occasion we can elect a three way partnership if a client has a very specific book of busines which typically cannot be serviced via all the usual liquidity providers and DMA. These Hedge Funds have enormous books of business and in often our clients’ book has a natural bias against that of the hedge fund so we can sometimes achieve USD pm cost savings in rare instances.

Alpha Trade Pty Ltd is duly incorporated in Australia with an Australian Financial Services License servicing solely Wholesale customers. Our sole website is We have been made aware of a Crypto Platform utilising the domain This company/website or people have no connection whatsoever to Alpha Trade Pty Ltd and we would suggest extreme precaution when investing in unregulated firms with minimal company or regulatory information provided on their website. Please be safe out there! Thanks.