Alpha Trades Principals have been involved in the financial markets from the inception of Electronic Trading both on the buy and sell side of most type of financial institution. The Team at Alpha have serviced literally every form of entity from retail traders up to the largest sovereign wealth funds over the years.

Our goal, or “WHAT” we offer is simple unadulterated liquidity across an array of asset classes from vanilla rolling spot forex to digital assets. All our pricing sources are deemed to be the best liquidity provider in their field and we offer an aggregated a blend of liquidity in FX, Metals, CFD’s Across multiple asset classes.


Trading currency pairs includes making predictions about how one currency will change in value relative to another. We provide Forex traders with some of the narrowest spreads available among all Forex exchange brokers worldwide.  We constantly examine our pricing, but we’re always looking for ways to make our pool’s depth, speed, and cost better.


Speculators are drawn to commodity markets because they are susceptible to swings in supply and demand. We provide a flexible and simple way to obtain exposure to some of the most well-liked commodities in the world, such as energy and metals. Commodities can be traded as stand alone products or in pairs. To trade commodities, it can be done using CFDs, Contract for Difference in the price of a good, where there is no need to own the underlying product.


Cryptocurrency CFDs are popular among traders who don’t want to deal with the technical process of securely buying and storing cryptocurrencies. With tiny funds that can be leveraged, a trader can open long or short positions and make profit or lose from the price difference between the opening and closing positions. Leverage also increases traders’ exposure to the cryptocurrency markets while just requiring a minimal capital.

Alpha Trade Pty Ltd is duly incorporated in Australia with an Australian Financial Services License servicing solely Wholesale customers. Our sole website is www.alphatrade.com.au. We have been made aware of a Crypto Platform utilising the domain www.alphatrade.ltd. This company/website or people have no connection whatsoever to Alpha Trade Pty Ltd and we would suggest extreme precaution when investing in unregulated firms with minimal company or regulatory information provided on their website. Please be safe out there! Thanks.