Alpha Trade has three qualified CTO’s within its business so really knows how to nail down the perfect technical set up and solve problems that most brokers simply cannot deal with.

Firstly, and obviously all of our core technology is co-located with our liquidity providers in Equinix LD4. Secondly our back up servers are co-located once again with our liquidity providers in Equinix NY4.

We are part of OneZero’s ecosystem for connectivity and our matching engines. Additionally we have a 24-hour technology support team which alongside automated monitoring overseeing our data centre, network, Hub to Hub, Primary pricing server to “virtual data centres” we have dotted around the globe which insures a robust trading environment 24/5.

In summary all the physical technology is precisely where it should be – beside the best sources of liquidity. And all our clients who are not in this data center can connect through their provider easily to OneZero via an API adaptor.

Please just drop us a message via our Contact Us if you want to know more and our local head of sales will call you and outline the process.

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