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Alpha Trade was conceived of in order to bring aggregated institutional liquidity sourced from all major liquidity providers and execution venues to match the demands of any type of trader type. We solely provide liquidity across almost every asset class for qualified Wholesale / Institutional Clients

The principals’ behind this business originate from a blend of institutional, professional and retail firms’ and their clients ranged top tier banks, hedge funds, sovereign wealth funds to professional asset managers and algorithmic trading system developers.

We concentrate on providing FX, metals and CFD focussed products to ensure that we can deliver the highest quality of execution services in products that we have a proven track record in delivering on over many decades.
As a firm we operate an agency execution only model and do not hold opposing positions to clients to ensure that our interests do not oppose that of our clients so as not to create a conflict of interest.

All client orders are routed through our aggregation engine where all our liquidity sources compete for your business on an equal basis. We have no preferential arrangements with any of our liquidity providers for order matching unless we agree a bespoke solution with you, our client, in advance as certain clients are better suited to having bespoke pools created for them.

Our infrastructure is best in breed and is co-located with our liquidity sources to minimise latency.

Richard Whelan

Chief Executive Officer

Richard launched his career at Deutsche Bank having obtained a BA in Economics with distinction at UCD and completing a scholarship with distinction in UCD Post-Graduate School of Business, and over 15 years between Deutsche Bank, JPMorgan, UBS and Northern Trust ran every aspect of Treasury Operations and OTC Operations culminating as SVP/Global Head of Treasury Operations.

Richard’s entrepreneurial spirit kicked in having learnt all aspects of eTrading across all OTC asset classes front to back, and founded FIXI PLC with Marcus Cumberland in 2006. FIXI PLC was an FCA Regulated market maker which was one of the first firms to offer what is now known as a Prime-of-Prime solution to Brokers and the Buy Side market space alongside pricing into European Banks, Hong Kong Bullion shops to servicing UHNW players in the FX and Metals space. Having put FIXI PLC on a firm footing, Richard was SVP/Global Head of Treasury Operations at Northern Trust, and have since started up and run five FCA or ASIC Regulated entities; ranging from Derivatives brokers to eWallet/Digital Banks to Asset Management firms.

Richard finally decided to acquire his own firm Alpha Trade brand in 2021 with two trusted partners and joined as CEO in February 2022 to help drive the strategy of the firm alongside the Board.

Alpha Trade has already established a mature multi-asset class product offering which matches or beats every player in the Prime-of-Prime space, however, its vision is to operate as a Boutique Liquidity Provider offering unique pricing solutions across an array of clients; ranging traditional derivatives brokers, Hedge Funds and Family Offices.

Alpha Trade has rapidly acquired a number of ASIC and other regulated brokers as clients and has penetrated the Family Office market due to its competitive, flexible and wide ranging product offering. Digital Assets are where Alpha Trade really stand out with a pricing and commission model more competitive that every Western player in this space having spent six months sourcing liquidity from an array of US and European Market Makers.

Richard adopts the principal of Jamie Dimon in that if you cannot be within the three best providers in a market, don’t enter that market. Alpha Trade from FX to Digital Assets has already reached this goal, and 2022 will be the year where market penetration will be its entire focus. A number of executive announcement are imminent to achieve that goal and in the meantime please email [email protected] if you want to have a completely new collaborative broker experience.

Anand Grewal

Head of Institutional Sales - EMEA

Anand is a seasoned professional in the electronic execution space. Starting out at UBS AG, London learning the basics Anand worked initially in the middle office and then for a longer period on the trading and sales side of the business.

Anand was responsible for selling UBS’ FX and metals liquidity into the “broker-dealer” segment which helped him establish relationships with senior executives in most the trading desks in Europe.

Subsequent to his time at UBS Anand launched his own brokerage brand “Acenya Capital”. Shortly after establishing this company, he identified the massive growth potential in crypto currencies and digital assets and established a Crypto Exchange in Dubai which he operates today alongside this new venture which merges all his experience to day perfectly. He sees Alpha Trade to be the go-to liquidity provider for clean transparent cross asset glass product to growing broker dealers, money managers and larger players in the broker-dealer space. The firm will have no particular specialty other than the assurance that it sources its liquidity from the best, most reliable and trustworthy liquidity providers or exchanges in the market.

Anand is a serial entrepreneur with multiple businesses but is extremely excited to promote Alpha Trade Pty as it represents the broker with the singularly strongest FX offering both at ToB and most impressively at depth in the market alongside having a full broker in a box solution to help new start-ups which includes pricing in almost every asset class from Margin FX to Single Name Stocks to Cryptos.

Dean Yu

Chief Technology Officer

Dean started his entrepreneurial career early and Co-founded and was CTO of Visionary Financials upon gaining his bachelor’s Degree in Telecommunication in Shanghai Jiao Tong University and gained master’s Degree in information technology in UNSW.

Shortly after this venture, Dean commenced his career in the financial industry, working for Vantage FX, one of Australia’s top foreign exchange brokers, being responsible for development trading and risk control systems. With years of experience of working closely with the dealing desk and primary liquidity providers, then he started his own venture focusing on providing customized risk control and management system to all types of trading brokers and financial institutions.

Gareth Williams

Head of HNW Sales – MENA

Gareth has had a diverse career ranging operating a major operating enterprise between Asia to Europe to treasury operations for a family office amongst other roles including financing for UHNW individuals for houses, yachts and private jets.

During this time, he has developed a large network of HNW clients and has focussed his attention on Alpha Trade specifically as he recognised immediately the differentiation in pricing between it and over other broker or ECN solution for his HNW network. No other brokers could show him EURUSD 50-100m both sides of the aisle at under one pip in one click plus the vast array of products alongside such competitive pricing at depth helped him to decide to hitch his wagon to Alpha Trade.

Farzana Saamah

Head of Internal Audit / Financial Controller

Farzana achieved a MA (Hons) in Accounting and Business Finance from Heriot Watt University and subsequently is completing her ACCA qualifications. Farzana was a Senior Audit Associate at BDO before joining Alpha Trade.

Farzana joined Alpha Trade in part to work on the other side of the fence and had a particular interest in the broker-dealer and hedge funds space to expand her knowledge. She is a highly valued member of the team and is Head of Internal Audit within the firm.

In her spare time Farzana enjoys volunteering both for homeless charities and education for those in need, but without the resources to pay for additional tutoring.

Leong Wen Jun

Senior Risk Analyst

Leong having earned a Master’s with Distinction in Finance specialising in asset pricing, asset price dislocation between markets and trading venues joined Alpha Trade to learn at the coal face the risk and trading side of the business.

Out of 8 analysts hired Leong stood out as an exceptional talent as was promoted to Senior Risk Analyst and is responsible for oversight of all the client and liquidity provider risk assessment process. We expect great things of Leong in the future and anticipate his stepping up into CRO role in the coming year as the firm expands its strategy further at senior management level.

Shasha Bathumalai

Business Development Manager

Originally from a HR background Shasha stood out amongst our Digital Marketeers and Business Development Team as particularly creative so switched role early on to take on responsibility initially for social media.

She has since taken responsibility for key client relationships alongside steering our Social Media and Digital Marketing Team. We can see Shasha who only joined very recently becoming a key asset both in Business Development and establishment of new key institutional sales targets alongside partnerships.

Juliana Wong

Executive Assistant

Juliana is an all-rounder whose primary responsibility is to organise the lives of the Executive Team alongside that of being Office Manager of our Kuala Lumpur office.

Juliana has a Bachelor’s in Communications, extensive PR experience and has worked as either an EA or Office Manager at five of Asia’s fastest growing companies. Without Juliana the office would come to a standstill.

Oazed Uddin Lium

Head of Data and Quantitative Analytics

Oazed has a Master of Science in Business Intelligence and Analytics and prior to that obtained a Bachelor of Science in Engineering. Oazed heads our Data and Quant Analysis Department since joining and between this team provide us with an invaluable insight into every aspect of our business from client, instrument and liquidity profitability.

Additionally, his team has developed a number of programs to fully automate 90% of the firms’ reporting and is currently working on more complex quantitative modelling around client trading, market impact and optimising client liquidity pools based on their trading styles to achieve improved VWAP execution.

Keng Hui (Kugo)

Member of our Risk and Analytics Team

Keng Hui (Kugo) obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting, Banking and Finance and went on to obtain a Master of Actuarial Practice from Macquarie University.

Kugo is a valued member of our risk and analytics team and has prior experience in FX Consulting for Smartcurve before joining Alpha Trade. Kugo in an integral part of our risk team all of whom have slightly varied backgrounds which mixed into the pot give us a strong edge around data analytics, LP Execution quality and optimisation to that we can fine tune the both our overall selection of Liquidity Providers from Banks to Hedge Funds and broker-dealers across almost all asset classes to also being able to create customised bespoke feeds to meet specific client requirements. He alongside the risk of this focussed team are really a part of what gives Alpha Trade an edge over other brokers. We do not simply re-cycle liquidity from the usual suspects, but seek and obtain best in breed liquidity from financially secure sources and find pockets of advantages over most the LP's in our space alongside offering margin FX at reasonable terms in what is somewhat a homogenous product by now. With Alpha, you will find this edge across all our asset classes (save single name stocks which are pure exchanged derived pricing).

Alpha Trade Pty Ltd is duly incorporated in Australia with an Australian Financial Services License servicing solely Wholesale customers. Our sole website is We have been made aware of a Crypto Platform utilising the domain This company/website or people have no connection whatsoever to Alpha Trade Pty Ltd and we would suggest extreme precaution when investing in unregulated firms with minimal company or regulatory information provided on their website. Please be safe out there! Thanks.