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Richard Whelan


Richard launched his career at Deutsche Bank having obtained a BA in Economics with distinction at UCD and completing a scholarship with distinction in UCD Post-Graduate School of Business, and over 15 years between Deutsche Bank, JPMorgan, UBS and Northern Trust ran every aspect of Treasury Operations and OTC Operations culminating as SVP/Global Head of Treasury Operations.

Richard’s entrepreneurial spirit kicked in having learnt all aspects of eTrading across all OTC asset classes front to back, and founded FIXI PLC with Marcus Cumberland in 2006. FIXI PLC was an FCA Regulated market maker which was one of the first firms to offer what is now known as a Prime-of-Prime solution to Brokers and the Buy Side market space alongside pricing into European Banks, Hong Kong Bullion shops to servicing UHNW players in the FX and Metals space. Having put FIXI PLC on a firm footing, Richard was SVP/Global Head of Treasury Operations at Northern Trust, and have since started up and run five FCA or ASIC Regulated entities; ranging from Derivatives brokers to eWallet/Digital Banks to Asset Management firms.

Richard finally decided to acquire his own firm Alpha Trade brand in 2021 with two trusted partners and joined as CEO in February 2022 to help drive the strategy of the firm alongside the Board.

Alpha Trade has already established a mature multi-asset class product offering which matches or beats every player in the Prime-of-Prime space, however, its vision is to operate as a Boutique Liquidity Provider offering unique pricing solutions across an array of clients; ranging traditional derivatives brokers, Hedge Funds and Family Offices.

Alpha Trade has rapidly acquired a number of ASIC and other regulated brokers as clients and has penetrated the Family Office market due to its competitive, flexible and wide ranging product offering. Digital Assets are where Alpha Trade really stand out with a pricing and commission model more competitive that every Western player in this space having spent six months sourcing liquidity from an array of US and European Market Makers.

Richard adopts the principal of Jamie Dimon in that if you cannot be within the three best providers in a market, don’t enter that market. Alpha Trade from FX to Digital Assets has already reached this goal, and 2022 will be the year where market penetration will be its entire focus. A number of executive announcement are imminent to achieve that goal and in the meantime please email [email protected] if you want to have a completely new collaborative broker experience.